As a business that utilizes vehicles in your everyday operations, you understand the challenges of protecting your investments and presenting a professional and impressive image to your clients in a cost effective manner. One of the easiest and cheapest activities you can do to meet these goals is to keep the exterior of your vehicles clean and protected.

Having a clean fleet of vehicles slows the depreciation of these valuable assets, bolsters your public image, and makes your logo and print marketing more visible and effective. The Red Barn Car Wash is your partner for seeing that these solutions are available to you in a timely and safe manner. Our soft-touch automated car wash system can clean your entire vehicle in three minutes and is used by major automotive manufactures to finish their newly manufactured vehicles. The Red Barn Car Wash can also assist in compensating and incentivizing your employees, as car washes are a cost-effective and immediately relevant reward for your top performers.

For your convenience, prepaid car wash cards are available for single or multiple wash use. Give us a call at 503-656-0375 for more information on volume discounts for commercial customers.

Thanks for your time and we can’t wait for you to MOOOOO-ve on over to the Red Barn Car Wash!