Although Stein Oil is now a leading provider of retail and commercial fueling in Clackamas County, the company’s story begins with humble origins. In 1934, Frank E. Stein, a lumberman and sawmill operator by trade, bought property in Gladstone, Oregon and cleared an apple orchard using a team of draft horses and a Fresno land-leveling implement. With the help of his neighbor, Frank began the Stein and Jeep Oil Company, and installed two vertical tanks on the cleared property where they would store leaded fuel and make bulk deliveries of fuel to local farmers.

In 1937, Frank Stein bought out his partner and formed the Stein Oil Company and expanded his operations to include delivery of diesel heating oil to homes and businesses. Heating oil at that time sold for about seven cents a gallon! In addition to adding oil delivery to his operations, Frank also began his first retail fueling station at this time.

Not long after this expansion, America entered WWII and Stein Oil began selling gasoline to other retail stations. The Steins also had the responsibility of rationing their gas supplies and sales to help the war effort. Despite the difficulties of this period, Stein Oil prospered, increasing its fleet of delivery vehicles to three trucks and soon thereafter purchased additional properties in Clackamas County and built new retail stations over the next twenty years.

In the early nineties, Stein Oil added an additional member to its family, by building its first Pacific Pride cardlock commercial fueling station. In the years thereafter, Stein Oil gradually began to shift its focus to providing quality retail fueling, convenience store access, and commercial fuel management, and eventually phased out its bulk fuel delivery service in 2002.

Today, Stein Oil Company stands out as a leader in the fueling industry in the southeast Portland Metro area, providing almost 100 jobs to local residents and donating its time and resources to local charities and community development groups. Finally, last summer issued in the next chapter of Stein Oil as they completed construction on, and opened, the new Red Barn Car Wash in Clackamas, Oregon, with plans to open additional locations in the near future!